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LGBT Educational Film Project

GAP - SOCE - FUNDRAISING TRAILER from Kate Kunath on Vimeo

GAP's LGBT committee is producing a short educational video to be used by lawyers and advocates representing complainants against mental health professionals who have attempted to practice sexual orientation change efforts (SOCE).

At prsent, California and NJ have passed laws outlawing these practices for minors and other states have had legislation introduced as well (NY, MA, MD, IL) - these legislative issues are bound to increase

Since most state licensing boards and ethics committees rarely see such complaints, GAP's LGBT Committee has taken on the task of trying to educate ethics and licensing boards on issues related to SOCE, the kind of questions to ask during hearings, the reasons for delays in complaining, etc.

As an example, the Oregon state licensing board passed on a case when a young man complained that his psychiatrist wanted to treat his depression with SOCE rather than antidepressants. It was only after the Southern Poverty Law Center took the issue to the American Psychiatric Association's ethics committee that the psychiatrist was sanctioned by APA.

The SPLC is also helping 3 plaintiffs in NJ sue their conversion therapists for consumer fraud (NJ has some of the strongest consumer fraud laws in the country) for engaging in practices like naked hugging of clients and making them hit pillows as stand-ins for their anger toward their mothers (

The Committee has had a consultant from SPLC who helped with suggestions about the video content (and written materials that would accompany it) and how to make them freely available to licensing boards, ethics committees, other advocacy organizations and potential complainants (this will require grants for which the committee is in the midst of applying).

The committee has also consulted with a filmmaker who has produced a trailer for the video which was reviewed and approved by GAP's Publications Committee.

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