Psychiatric Think Tank

GAP committees address timely questions facing American psychiatry. Because psychiatry is a multifaceted medical specialty encompassing the biopsychosocial paradigm, committees consider issues ranging from psychopharmacology to the ethical and moral issues inherent in the practice of a field fraught with technical and human pitfalls.

Think Tanks such as GAP publish their findings after a group of experts in a given field combine their own clinical and research knowledge with a complete review of the literature and consultation with non-psychiatric consultants whose expertise is added both as a participant and a critic.

New committees are created to address new important cutting edge issues. Commitees on Disasters and Terrorism, Gender Issues and Mental Health and Sexual Minorities have been added in the last year and committees on Genetics and Neuropsychiatric Imaging are in the planning stages. The goal is to refresh psychiatric thought and create products that serve both the field of psychiatry and the nation.

Modern technologies are utilized to preserve historic documents, explore organizational effectiveness, cultivate communication among members, and make GAP products more widely available.

The funding for the Fellows is from donations and grants received from the Phillips Van-Buren Family Foundation, I. Wistar Morris, and the Cotswold Foundation.

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