Co- Committee Chair

Janet Lewis, MD

Beth Haase, MD

The Climate Committee is an active group responsive to the demands of the climate crisis.

Recent projects include intensive consultation on a lovely children’s picture storybook with rhyming text, Coco’s Fire: Changing Climate Anxiety into Climate Action. Coco’s Fire is designed for parents and teachers of young children and models how to talk with young children about climate change in a way that is psychologically and developmentally informed, framed in the story of a little squirrel and her father. We are working with GAP media and promotional professionals on its wide promotion.

We are also in the midst of a curriculum study exploring what residency and fellowship directors believe is priority to teach on climate mental health. The study looks at how viewing a six minute summary video about mental health impacts of climate change shapes opinions about including this material in training.

Information from our published research project on the carbon footprint of the APA annual meeting has been instrumental in helping the American Psychiatric Association Committee on Climate Change and Mental Health shape carbon mitigation measures for the APA.

Our review of the impact of climate change on suicide continues to be a seminal overview for those seeking to understand climate distress and its psychiatric implications. Other brief papers published in Psychiatric Times and Psychiatric News raise awareness in our profession.

We continue to meet monthly between the larger twice yearly GAP meetings and are exploring future projects .

Links to Past Projects:

Dumont, C, Haase, E et al Climate Change and Completed Suicide JNMD, 2020,,

Lewis J, Haase E, Trope A, 2020. Climate Dialectics in Psychotherapy: Holding open the space between abyss and advance”, Psychodynamic Psychiatry, 48(3): 271-294 (not an official GAP publication) 

Wortzel JR, Stashevsky A et al, 2021. Estimation of the carbon footprint associated with attendees of the American Psychiatric Association meeting, JAMA Network Open, 4(1):e2035641. doi:10.1001/jamanetworkopen.2020.35641,

E, Haase,  Climate Change and Mental Health, Chapter in Tasman’s Psychiatry, in press

Study of GAP members attitudes to virtual meetings, paper in Psych Times on

Fostering Human Connection in a Sustainable World (Janet, Beth M, Beth H, Jeremy; 5/21);

Paper in Psych Times on Group Interventions for Climate Distress (Beth M, Janet; 12/20) paper in Psych Times on results of carbon footprint paper.


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