Mental Health Services

 Committee Chair

Jules Ranz 

Committee Chair

Wesley Sowers 

Five active projects: 1. Cost Conscious Care -- Curriculum was developed for residents, planning a book   2. Early Career Development – developed  a document to support trainees in developing satisfying careers. Developing disemmination strategy  3. Diagnosis Misuse – did two presentations go, planning a survey and paper 4. Scope opf practice, new project to develop model job description . 5.Integrated Care “Guidelines for primary care provided by psychiatrists” recently published.  Working on Placement Algorithm for people with co-occurring MH and PH issues


Anthony Carino, Glen Davis, Anita Everett, Joanna Fried, , Nubia Lluberes, Hunter McQuistion, Kamala Sethi, Sunmolu Shoyinka, Anna Skiandos, David Stern, Donovan Wong, Jules Ranz, Wesley E. Sowers,

Fellow Guest

Yael Holoshitz


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