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Doug Kramer

The GAP Committee on Research was formed in 1946. Original members included, A. E. Bennett, George Engel, Jacob Finesinger, Thomas French, Edwin Gildea, Merton Gill, Roy Grinker (Chair), Joseph Hughes, and Lawrence Kolb. The current committee is structured on the principle of creativity through conversation, and the resultant "conversational thought." Ideas do not emanate from one person but emerge through the relationships we have with each other. The role of the Chair is to prevent any one member from being in charge. GAP itself provides an organizational structure and environment that truly allows a “think tank” culture. GAP Research does not publish-to-publish, but is committed to producing products that contribute to the resuscitation of American psychiatry from our self-induced major current difficulties.

Similar to the mission of the founders of GAP, the mission of GAP Research is to study and report on issues relevant to the provision of high quality medical and psychiatric treatment to all members of our society. Our last major project was a series of articles on the concept of the ’social brain’ as it is relevant to psychiatry, thus introducing the term, "Social Brain," to the psychiatric literature. One recent publication by members of GAP Research is: Verhulst, Kramer, Swann, Hale-Richlen, & Beahrs. "The medical alliance: from placebo response to alliance effect.” Journal of Nervous and Mental Disease. July 2013, pp 546-552.  Our current project is close to completion. We have been studying medical delivery systems based on a family-centered, community based approach. An Op-Ed is in the final stages of preparation.

Previous Presentations


Margaret S. Cary, Stuart A. Copans, Barbara Hale-Richlen, Allan M. Josephson,  David V. Keith, Douglas A. Kramer, Yajaira Y. Paparone,  Mariam Rahmani, Alan C. Swann, William J. Swift,  Johan Verhulst-Heiman


John O. Beahrs, Patricia L. Stern

(Research Committee: Drs. Kramer, Swift, Copans, Rahmani)


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